American Bill Money and Jack Cupp, ID#3256
Frequently Asked Questions

Is ABM Available Outside of America?

No - We are American Bill Money. (Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands Included)
And we only speak English.

How does ABM Ship Orders to the Customers?

You're initial order of leads is sent by USPS Priority mail. You're subsequent autoship order of leads are sent by First Class mail each month. Additional lead orders of 500 or more are sent by USPS Priority mail. Postcards are sent directly from our printer via UPS. (No P.O. Boxes)

How does ABM Pay the Commissions?

We mail Company Checks by First Class Mail every week on all new referrals and "One-Ups" from the previous Friday through Thursday.

Does ABM withhold taxes?

No, that is your responsibility. With your first residual check, or soon after you will receive a W9 form that goes to our accountant. If you earn $600 or more within a calendar year you will be issued a 1099.

How do I know when I have referred a New Customer to ABM?

We will contact you by phone or email within 24 hours of processing their order. We will give you their Name and ABM ID #. And we will mail your Commission within 1 to 10 days.

How do I know I can Trust ABM to pay me on ALL my referrals?

Very Simple Answer - PUT US TO THE TEST AT ANYTIME. All anyone has to do at anytime is have anyone place a order under they're ID # and name and see if they don't get contacted and see if they don't get paid. We make money on every transaction, so we are not going to jeopardize our livelihood and risk losing everything we've ever worked for over not being honest.

Why doesn't ABM have a "Back Office" for it's Affiliates?

We believe they are simply a waste of time. People will spend more time checking A "Back Office" to see if they're growing, than they will actually spend working. Not to mention, we don't have hackers trying to steal affiliates information. We will contact you personally on every referral you make. We provide Free Genealogy reports with every check.

What kind of Leads does ABM Sell?

Names & Mailing addresses of Income Opportunity seekers, buyers and business owners all over America, on peel & stick mailing labels. These Leads may be duplicated for repeat mailings. You may even resell these leads if you desire.

Where does ABM get these Leads?

We buy directly from multiple Industry sources that are reliable and professional, with full rights to resell. The lists you receive are comprised of at least 2 - 4 sources. These are all people that have bought or inquired about a wide variety of money-making business opportunities within the last year.

What kind of response can I expect using ABM's Leads?

There is no way to honestly quote a percentage that works the same every time with every list. There are just too many variables involved (i.e. what is your offer ?, the timing, the persons likes or dislikes, how many times you mail the prospect) If you are promoting ABM's opportunity, It's Worth whatever it takes to find a handful of solid people that will duplicate your efforts and never quit.

Does ABM offer any type of Delivery Guarantee?

Yes, Any Undeliverable leads you have Returned to YOU , within 60 days from the date you got them from us. We will replace them 2 to 1 with your next order. Simply send them to us and we will replace them, if they were on ABM Postcards, we will replace them also. You may put your return address over ours if you are concerned with nixies.

May I use Leads from other sources to promote ABM too?

Yes, you can.

Are copies of ABM Postcards allowed?

NO, Not at all, If you do it you will be terminated from ABM. Every call to our 800 Number and Live Operators cost us money. We sell additional Cards at very affordable prices that helps us offset the cost of the calls made to our 800 number as well as our Live Operators.
You may use completely generic cards as long as they don't use ANY of our wording, Images, Tools, Phone #'s, E.T.C.

Is Mailing ABM Postcards the Only way to make referrals?

NO, Not at all, Our postcards are just an Awesome tool that's available for everyone to be able to use immediately. But other methods of advertising work also. Word of Mouth is the fastest, cheapest and best method if done properly. Classifieds & Display Ads in Free, take one type publications, Magazines, Papers, Reverse Marketing, Street Signs, to mass distributing the Postcards the same way you would distribute business cards or flyers, E.T.C. All Ads, literature, covers letters must be approved by ABM.

This is a go to Work Opportunity for Serious Adults ONLY. Actual Income Earned Will Vary Based On Effort & Time.